U.S. based graphic designer

My Story

Since I started talking and walking, I have been drawing, making and designing under my tiger-mother who is specialized in western water painting and has an exquisite sense of fashion, interior, etc. (See jinseikou)

After graduation in Seoul, S. Korea, I chased the career path of a Japanese American media artist, John Maeda and ended up studying abroad Japan for the post-doctor course of Art & Design.

When I researched about Interactive Art and made it with "Macromedia" Flash and Director, I could get a job offer from a well-known global video game company in Tokyo. Without any hesitation, I firmly grabbed the golden opportunity.

Sayo-nara, "Future Dr. Park"

As a GUI designer and graphic designer, having undergone from video game to mobile game, I had a lot of well-rounded experiences. More than anything, while I was working for foreign companies and with people, some super power have been growing in my mind and body : Cultural adaptation or  Inter-cultural competence (whatever)and Japanese (no doubt). Eventually I spent my whole 20's in Tokyo, Japan. How rad!

In 2011, I moved to the U.S. with my lovely American husband. Now in New York, the U.S. I am looking for another chance to show my stuffs I have learned so far. (maybe I am somewhat wanderlust... )