On-screen RC on PlayStationPortable®
LocationFree® Player

Company : Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Platform : Play Station Portable®

Design  : Concept , GUI, etc


Adobe Flash

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

LocationFree® allows users to watch TV programs or recorded video from any room in their home, or even away from home. Users can transmit video from their Base Station which is connected to a DVD recorder (or other video devices such as set-top boxes or DVRs) to a LocationFree® client device such as a personal computer or PSP® system via a wireless network or the Internet.


Users can operate video devices connected to the Base Station remotely from your PSP®sysstem by using the on-screen remote control function.




The goal of this project was to redesign the on-screen RC panels of LocationFree for PSP®Software system version 2.8 and later.

At that time,the RC panel design was based on PC platform.

In order to enhance and boost its userbility on PSP, which is controled by four directional buttons, I tried to focus on minimal-flat design and create intuitive focus  interaction following Play Staion's UI regulation .

1.UI Elements

On-screen Remote Control





2.UI Element


3.UI Element

Focus interaction

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